2018 Kick-Off Event

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This event is specifically for LOCAL Grass Roots Businesses in Winnebago County. We invite you to come learn about Winnebago Buy Local and hear from our 2018 Keynote Speaker, ALEX SHEBAR!

Local Grassroots Business Owners Unite and Energize for 2018!
• Update your membership or sign up to be a member of Winnebago Buy Local!
• Learn more about our organization and our accomplishments!
• Make long-lasting friendships and business connections!
• Meet like-minded grassroots local business owners just like you!
• Pre-registration is recommended! Tickets are $10 (Eventbrite adds a small fee for processing)
• Light Gourmet Pizza Appetizers are included
• Cash Bar! Cheers!


Alex Shebar has been featured in Huffington Post, FeverBee and was not once, but twice named International Community Manager Appreciation Day’s Best Event Planner in the country!

KEYNOTE: What Would Ferris Bueller Do? –Making Someone Feel Like The Coolest Kid At The Party with Personalization Marketing
Welcome to the next generation of Marketing and Social Media for your LOCAL business. Literally.

As Yelp’s Senior Community Director in Chicago, Alex Shebar will be presenting tips, tricks, stats and secrets for small businesses when doing Everyday Marketing, Online Marketing, and Social Media! He’ll be talking about marketing “around a group of people” rather than “towards a group of people.”

This means first figuring out who your target audience is and what they want.

Too many marketing campaigns start and end with your product: We are this. We do this. You should buy us. But it doesn’t relate at all to the person who might be buying it and give them any reason to care.

Today’s world is no longer just about the function or convenience of a product, food, or service but how does it fit into a person’s daily life. If you can give them a reason to want to buy, to want to talk about it on social media, to feel like their life is enhanced by buying the product or joining in, then they will. Everyone can do this. You can do this too!

Audience takeaways will include:
Why every LOCAL business needs marketing.
What is working in the world of marketing and social media?
How to make your social media be social.
Why personalized marketing is important. For instance, these facts:

Businesses that personalize web experiences see an average 19% increase in sales. (MarketingProfs)

71% of companies fail to personalize their websites. (Dynamic Yield)

Personalized marketing emails receive 29% higher open rates and 41% higher click-through rates. (Experian)

70% of companies don’t personalize marketing emails. (Experian)

Examples of companies that are excelling in the field

Easy applicable steps people can do to incorporate better social media and marketing into their own companies

A conclusion about the importance of changing the way they see their customers, to look at them not as dollar signs but as real people, and then the dollar signs will come.

Alex Shebar is an award-winning writer, blogger, community manager and rock star, but without the money, fame or musical talent to go along with it. He was the first ever Community Manager for Yelp in Cincinnati, Ohio, growing the market from zero into one that overshadowed some of it’s larger neighboring cities. He then moved to London to run the Yelp community overseas for five years. Currently, he’s the Senior Community Director for Yelp in Chicago and works with businesses to show everything useful, grand and cool in the city. This job often includes eating and drinking around Chicago, which is tough, but someone has got to do it – he think’s he’s the man for the job. Lastly, in his spare time, Alex runs the website EatPlayPixels.com and Instagrams everything he sees. Follow him at @AlexShebar.