Featured Business Volume 3: Willow’s Cleaning Service

10917077_934455096573703_2148482904057984079_nBusiness Phone:       815 – 520 – 4996
Hours of Operation: 8-4
Business Email:         willow1272@aol.com
Year Established:      2004



1. Brief Description of your Business:
Started in 2004 Willow’s Cleaning offers all natural non-toxic cleaning.. Saving our Planet, One client at a time.. Visit our web-site for full details at.. http://willowscleaning.com

2. What do you love about Winnebago County OR why did you choose Winnebago County to start your business?
We are growing as a community and bringing more cultural events.

3. Give us a fun or unique fact about your business:
Willow’s Cleaning is an all female local business.