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Cherry Valley Holistics

Cherry Valley Holistics
Cherry Valley Holistics

At Cherry Valley Holistics, we believe it’s equally as important to feed the 4 legged
fur babies of our home nutrient dense whole foods as it is for all the 2 legged
members of our household. The pet food industry has failed us and our pets and it’s
time to take back control of our pet’s health and wellness. Wild dogs and cats are
definitely not eating overly processed kibble for every single meal! They are eating
freshly killed raw prey, including not only muscle meat, but the organs and bones as
well. This is exactly what the raw diet for dogs and cats is focused on – loving your
pet’s wild side!
We value not only feeding our pets a whole foods diet, but also reducing our carbon
footprint by sourcing our meats from local farmers. Factory farming practices are a
leading cause for global warming and do not have any consideration for animal
welfare. As a result, the meat from the animals that live in these stressful
environments, are given antibiotics and hormones, and are fed diets other than from
the fresh green pastures, is far less than par. It’s just as important for the farm
animals to be well cared for and be fed a species appropriate diet as it is for our pets.
As such, we source our meats from local farmers that pasture raise their animals for
the best interest in both the animals and Mother Earth. We love visiting our farmers
on a regular basis and supporting our local organic community.

We offer fresh frozen raw food products for dogs and cats. We source all products
from local farms that use sustainable and humane farming practices.

P.O.Box 522
Cherry Valley
P.O.Box 522

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