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Why Collaboration is Necessary Between Local Businesses


In the world of the Entrepreneur and small business owner, collaboration is key. As with anything in life, a business will get more out of collaboration if they place themselves in a position to get involved. Here are a few reasons we believe collaborating with your fellow business owners is important in Winnebago County.

Collaboration brings new and fresh outlook. Not every business owners view point is the same, from a salon owner, to a flower shop, to a B2B firm, to a salesperson, to a restaurant owner. Each business has a unique perspective and has a different form of expertise in their industry.

Collaborations broadens your contacts and your network circle of helpful resources. As you embark on a journey of collaboration with other businesses, you’ll meet interesting people and helpful business owners along the way to create long lasting business relationships.

Collaboration levels the playing field. No matter what size business you are, large, small, or medium, collaboration will help the parties involved. Working together as local businesses to help concentrate on “Collaboration over Competition” will create an overall lasting impression on the community you serve.

Collaboration does NOT mean depending on others for the success of your business, however, it brings businesses together to become greater as they learn and grow eagerly from each other.

Click on the picture for a great article on Collaboration from Entrepreneur:


Make contact with a fellow local business you love, and start brainstorming ways you can connect and share resources today in Winnebago County.

Simple ways to Collaborate:

  • Agree to help a friends business by cross sharing posts.
  • Join business-held events together and cross promote your events
  • Carry a local product within your own business
  • Utilize Business to Business opportunities available to you locally before shopping online
  • Sponsor events by donating a product you sell or create and cross promote

The opportunities are endless.. These are just a few ideas. Share this article with your own advice for collaborating between businesses.